My name is Bill Rutledge, and I am an independent consultant. This link brought you here first to get you the price that I pay for products. If you went straight to the company page first you would only see the retail prices. ”Some” of these products sell through Costco. Since we make the product, we will always sell it cheaper. If you find any of our products at a lesser price, we will match or beat it.

When you click the link below, you will redirected to my page. Then click the "contact me" link on left of page. Fill out your contact information and then select "buy shelf reliance product". This in no way obligates you to buy anything. I will not call you or send you multiple daily emails. You will then be sent a temporary password. When you log back in, you will create your own password. Now the prices you will see, will be the same prices I pay.

p.s.- If you want to save even more, becoming a consultant is an even better way. You get 10% commission on anything you buy or sell. You also get 10% in free product and 1/2 off on other products depending, on your monthly orders.

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